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Make way for the Climate Designers!

Jaga, The Radiatorfactory becomes Jaga, Climate Designers!

We proudly present our brand new Jaga identity. As Climate Designers, we remain true to our values by developing and offering the most energy-efficient solutions worldwide. This way we ensure a healthier indoor climate without damaging the outdoor climate. Climate change and the evolution of building techniques require innovative and ecological solutions for heating, cooling and ventilation. One solution for all seasons.

Red Dot Award Winner 2018

✦ Jaga wins 5th Red Dot Award ✦

Jaga kon in de afgelopen jaren reeds 4 andere Red Dot Awards in de wacht slepen voor volgende producten: Twine, Pinch, Scape & Freedom. We are proud to announce that once again one of our products won the international recognition for outstanding design: a Red Dot Award for our Jaga Aurora.

Red Dot Design Award
These awards are presented annually and grew into one of the most prestigious design competitions worldwide. To win a Red Dot Award, a product must be able to combine a high degree of functionality with a high quality of design.

At Jaga, we are very proud of this international recognition. This is an extra incentive to continue to design and develop HVAC solutions with as much enthusiasm.

Aurora Red Dot Award


LEED Gold Award for Nike Distribution center

✦ Jaga Projeeeeect "Nike Distribution Center" wins LEED Gold Award! ✦

The Nike European Distribution Center, located in Ham, Belgium, was awarded a "LEED * Gold" certification for its energy efficiency and sustainability. This makes Nike the largest LEED-certified building in our country. Both the guidance provided by the various partners** in this project and the choice for Jaga’s energy-efficient Unit Heaters AVS® resulted in being awarded this "LEED Gold" certification.

LEED Gold Award - Nike Building


Court of Justice of the European Union - Luxembourg

✦ A golden solution for the new Court of Justice in Luxembourg ✦

Approximately 2,500 Mini Canals Optimized devices from Jaga, with a value of € 430,000, are currently in production for the new building of the Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

Jaga tailored trench solution
The Jaga Mini Canal with its minimal installation depth is the ideal solution for offices. Hidden beneath a golden grid is a super-fast Low-H2O heat exchanger that was lacquered completely dark gray and thus rendered "invisible". The golden grids were specially made to match with the towers’ design.

News Hof van Justitie van de EU


Won By Jaga - Hornan

✦ Hornan ✦

Meer dan 1.000 Mini vrijstaande toestellen zullen in het project "Hornan" in Zweden een nieuwe thuis krijgen :) Zweedse balletjes ruilen tegen onze radiatoren? Deal!

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Highlights uit een interview met Jan.

Een verhelderende kijk op onze values, onze producten , ons klimaat …”

De ontwikkeling van alternatieve energiebronnen wordt elke dag dringender. Energie halen uit de zon, de wind & het water kunnen we eindeloos zonder dat deze voorraden zullen slinken. Met nieuwe technieken kunnen we efficiënter omspringen met deze vormen van duurzame energie. Innovatie is de enige garantie voor een leefbare aarde.