Facts & Figures

Project ZILART Moscow
Country RuslandMoscow, Russia
Architect Ilya Mashkov / Alexandra Kuzmina / Mezonproekt
Engineer LSR
Main contractor LSR
Mixed use 882 000 m2
Completed 2018
Jaga Products 2383 Mini Canal


In the ZILART project Jaga Mini Canal are used in the 228,000 m² office space & apartments. These radiators are equipped with the Jaga Low-H2O heat exchanger made of super-fast conducting copper and aluminium. The ultra-modern heat exchanger rapidly transfers the heat to the room. Jaga Mini Canal is the perfect solutions for spaces with large windows, glazed facades, conservatories, display windows and offices. These in-floor solutions use less energy and their low impact on the environment continues even after their working lives.
The fact that a Jaga Low-H2O radiator is lighter and smaller than traditional radiators with the same power, means not as much raw material is needed for production. Low- H2O radiators have a longer life and at the end of their life, they can be completely recovered. Jaga Low-H2O radiators react faster to heat demand and offer more comfort with a lower energy consumption.


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