Court of Justice of the European Union - Luxembourg

✦ A golden solution for the new Court of Justice in Luxembourg ✦

Approximately 2,500 Mini Canals Optimized devices from Jaga, with a value of € 430,000, are currently in production for the new building of the Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

Jaga tailored trench solution
The Jaga Mini Canal with its minimal installation depth is the ideal solution for offices. Hidden beneath a golden grid is a super-fast Low-H2O heat exchanger that was lacquered completely dark gray and thus rendered "invisible". The golden grids were specially made to match with the towers’ design.

News Hof van Justitie van de EU
News Hof van Justitie van de EU - detail rooster

Why a solution in gold?

While designing the building, the Parisian architect Perrault thought: "If justice had a color, what would it be?" According to Perrault, the answer is gold! "This is not a criminal court. It is not a place that deals with prisons and punishments. It has to do with relations between European countries, with constitutional affairs.".
"Moreover, Luxembourg often has a sad sky, this way, we can capture the sun."

That’s why Jaga and Perrault joined hands for gold!

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