LEED Gold Award for Nike Distribution center

✦ Jaga Project "Nike Distribution Center" wins LEED Gold Award! ✦

The Nike European Distribution Center, located in Ham, Belgium, was awarded a "LEED * Gold" certification for its energy efficiency and sustainability. This makes Nike the largest LEED-certified building in our country. Both the guidance provided by the various partners** in this project and the choice for Jaga’s energy-efficient Unit Heaters AVS® resulted in being awarded this "LEED Gold" certification.

LEED Gold Award - Nike Building

Jaga Unit Heaters AVS® consume up to 32% less electricity thanks to the EC motor inside. They are the ideal solution for economical and comfortable heating and cooling of large spaces. Discover our Unit Heaters AVS® here The green facade and the biodiversity of the Nike building fit perfectly within our image as Jaga Climate Designers. For example, the building only uses renewable and geothermal energy to regulate the indoor climate. Jaga Climate Designers solutions provide a pleasant and healthy indoor climate with a minimum impact on the outdoor climate. Jaga solutions contain the most innovative heating, cooling and ventilation systems for a healthy climate.


*LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an award issued by the US Green Building Council (the American Council for Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Buildings).

**NIKE ELC, European Logistics Campus, was a collaboration between:

  • Jaspers-Eyers Architects
  • Ontwerp- en adviesbureau Arcadis
  • Pauwels Landschapsarchitecten


COPYWRIGHT © Philippe Van Gelooven © Arcadis © Nike, inc.



LEED Gold Award - Nike building


LEED Gold Award - Nike building aerial shot