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  • EuroSys realises first CO2 neutral IT-project at Jaga

EuroSys realises first CO2 neutral IT-project at Jaga

10.000 trees to seal the deal between Jaga and EuroSys

Jaga Climate Designers partners up with EuroSys to maintain the IT department. The producer of innovative radiators selected the Limburg IT-company because of their reliability and service, as well as their shared care for durability. EuroSys rewarded the trust placed in them by Jaga by making this project completely CO2-neutral. They do so by planting 10.000 trees.

When Jaga's external IT support fell away, the company needed help for both the daily service as well as server infrastructure support and future projects. After much debate, Jaga chose EuroSys as their new partner. They will support Jaga with all IT issues from A to Z. To ensure that Jaga gets the most out of its IT, EuroSys even provided an IT Buddy / IT manager-as-a-service. The icing on the cake: all this will be made CO2 neutral by planting 10,000 trees through the Promobutler Infinity Foundation. This non-profit organization was founded by the owner of EuroSys, Mark Lens, and is focussed on planting trees in Senegal. These trees provide food, income, unity, leadership and education for the locals. These trees save lives. Jaga also purchased remanufactured laptops from Circular Computing via EuroSys. These laptops are already CO2 neutral due to their remanufacturing process.

It is clear both partners found each other. Jan Kriekels, CEO of Jaga Climate Designers: “Jaga Climate designers stands for maximum comfort in every season with a minimal impact on our planet. We are therefore very happy with EuroSys as our new partner for IT services, as they also attach great importance to sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship. EuroSys will take on the full IT supervision at Jaga starting this summer. Together we work on a sustainable relationship and future. "

Mark Lens is delighted as well with this collaboration. "For all the companies where I am a shareholder or director, I will strive to ensure that the entire supply chain, from supplier to end user, is completely CO2 neutral, we decide on the future of our earth NOW"

Great minds think green! Jan Kriekels en Mark Lens think alike!
Great minds think green!
Jan Kriekels & Mark Lens
Promobutler Foundation Certificaat

About Jaga/Jan Kriekels

Jan Kriekels is the CEO of Jaga Climate Designers, manufacturer of innovative radiators for heating, cooling and ventilation with 400 employees, actif in over 35 countries. Jaga stands for sustainability, creativity and social responsibility.

About EuroSys Business

EuroSys Business wants to inspire companies, governments and schools in times of digital transformation with innovative solutions that ensure better insights, decisions and projects.

From our branches in Houthalen and Halle we focus on SMEs (from 5 employees), schools and governments. We have six focus areas: IT infrastructure, Cloud Solutions, Printers and Multifunctionals, Telecom Solutions, Maintenance & Support and Training.
We offer our customers the most complete and suitable IT solutions ranging from advice, implementation, support, maintenance to training. Furthermore, we always think a few steps ahead so our customers always work with future proof solutions.

We go for Happy Profit to offer added value to this world. For us this is offering "Customer & employee value with minimal waste and happy profit". We want to make our customers and employees happy, without losing sight of the returns and sustainability of the company. The environment and the rest of the world are also important to us. We currently strive to make both our building and our sales CO2 neutral. To achieve this, we work together with Circular Computing and we support the Promobutler Infinity Foundation.