Playful warmth, colourful comfort

Play makes plenty of atmosphere at home. Children love this super radiator. The casing with rounded corners meets the strictest safety standards. He also finds his way to kindergartens or hospitals, and makes everybody happy.

Jaga Strada

  • Completely pre-assembled and mounted casing, consisting of painted MDF panels with aluminium spacer rings.
  • Standard pencil-proof grille, to prevent small objects or waste falling into the casing.
  • Integrated valve with thermostat in the front panel.
  • Low-H2O technology with super conductive and ultra fast heat exchanger for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission
  • Safe and low contact temperature

Energy Savers 30 year Guarantee Towel rail


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  • Standard

    Play White

    Other colours

    Play Black
    Play Piano

  • Pre-mounted connection sets

    Connection to the wall
    within the casing



    Connection: To the wall

    Type: Two pipe

    KV: 0.10 to 0.6 m3/h

    Control: always right hand side


    Connection to the wall
    via bottom of casing



    Connection: To the wall

    Type: Two pipe / One pipe

    KV: Two pipe: 0.03 to 0.60 m3/h

    KV: one pipe: 50% to 0%

    Control: always right hand side



    connection to the floor



    Connection: To the floor

    Type: Two pipe / One pipe

    KV: Two pipe: 0.03 to 0.60 m3/h

    KV: one pipe: 50% to 0%

    Control: always right hand side



    Sleeve coupling codes M24

    Complete ordering code connection set with code sleeve couplings according to the used material and ø of the tube.
    Precision metal tube

    Code Tube Ø
    110 10/1
    112 12/1
    114 14/1
    115 15/1
    116 16/1
    118 18/1

    Code Tube Ø
    212 12/2
    214 14/2
    219 16/1.5
    216 16/2
    217 17/2
    218 18/2

    Code Tube Ø
    314 14/2
    316 16/2
    326 16/2.2
    318 18/2
    Steel tube for c.h.

    Code Tube Ø
    501 M24 x 1/2"
    503 M24 x 3/8"
    Max. Tightening Torque
    • Precision metal tube:
      • Soft copper: 45-55 Nm
      • Semi-hard copper: 60-80 Nm
      • Mild steel: 60-70 Nm
    • Synthetic: 30-40 Nm
    • RPE/ALU: 20-30 Nm


    The Jaga Energy Saver avant la lettre, the classic among wall heaters.
    Easy to assemble casing with the universally known, horizontally lined front panel.

    Screens the bottom of the casing. Colour black (RAL 9005)


    5641.000 LLL TT/PLA

    Mikado - Universal towel rail

    A universal towel holder with unlimited possibilities. Attached to bathroom or kitchen furniture or simply on the wall.


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    Technical information

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