Canal Plus

Warm power, perfectly integrated

  • Minimum installation time
  • Low-maintenance with optional flexible connection
  • Waterproof
  • Efficient hot air curtain for cold windows
  • Low-H2O technology with super conductive and ultra fast heat exchanger
    for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission.

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Jaga Canal Compact Afmetingen

Operating principle

The downward cold air flow associated with glazed façades often causes discomfort. 

Canal Compact and Canal Plus ensure a warm air curtain: the cold air layer from the glass and the cooler return air on the floor are drawn in, heated and mixed with the warmer upper air so a balanced and even comfort temperature is achieved.


In case of a high water table
(+ 30 cm) the upward pressure can seriously damage the polyester duct (leakage) and the floor (uplift).

Pipe lead-through: drill holes at
± 7.5 cm from the top of the frame and finish with waterproof set.


Jaga Canal Compact Afmetingen 



Outputs & Availability

R-valueHeightLengthWidth75/65/2070/50/2055/45/2045/40/20Ordering codeAvailability
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  • Alle
  • Aluminium
  • Designo
  • Rigid
  • RollUp
  • Specials
  • StainlessSteel
  • Wooden
  • Standard
  • Titel
  • Datum
  • Zufall

Connection sets

  • Alle
  • 2pipe
  • Eurocone
  • Standard
  • Titel
  • Datum
  • Zufall


Flexible stainless steel connection

  • makes the Low-H2O heat exchanger detachable for maintenance after water-side connection
  • simple and fast assembly
  • highest quality stainless steel
  • length 60 cm
    (stretches to ± 1 m)
  • 100% diffusion-proofed
  • prevents squeezing shut in bends
  • welded connection

Contact strip

For aluminium and wood grilles (not for stainless steel). Black adhesive rubber strip, thickness 0.5 mm. To avoid contact noises. Order the number of rolls required according to the circumference of the frame:
(B + L) x 2.

7690.02 Roll 6 metre

Electrical connection

Pipe lead-through: drill holes at ± 7.5 cm from the top of the frame and finish with waterproof set.

Option VAC:

for connection to 230 VAC with waterproof power and cable gland in the duct. Fill up ordering code with /VAC

Option VDC:

plug-in wall power supply 230 VAC/12VDC. Fill up ordering code with /VDC



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