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The breathing Low-H2O radiator

  • Creates an energy efficient cycle of fresh, clean air for the home.
  • Oxygen = intelligently controlled and energy-saving fresh air system
  • Oxygen = Ready- to-use ventilation unit, invisibly built-in inside your Low-H2O radiator
  • Fresh air through a lockable wall lead-through and an efficient filtering system.
  • The intelligent control with integrated CO2 sensor ensures the ventilation is both perfect and energy-efficient
  • Completely automatic
  • High energy saving and EPC reduction.

A clean and healthy indoor climate

The supplied air directly comes from outside. There is no central supply channel that flows into the rooms. Such channels are hard to clean and they pile up dirt, bacteria and germs. Compensated with the filter system and the intelligent drain of moist air, Jaga Oxygen guarantees a clear radiation of large windows.

The lowest noise pressure

The use of Peutz noise measurements has demonstrated that Oxygen devices are the quietest on the market. In many European countries noise levels up to 30 dB(A) are considered as normal acoustic levels. With Jaga Oxygen 25dB(A) can be achieved in the bedroom whilst still maintaining a comfortable ventilation level as well as shielding you from external noises normally experienced by window grilles for a peaceful nights sleep.

Efficient night time cooling

The boost effect function provides effective night time cooling by drawing the cooled night air in. This ensures a noticeable indoor temperature difference without the high energy costs of an air conditioning system.

The ideal renovation-solution

Quickly installed in new construction and renovation

Because no air ducts or suspended ceilings are necessary for the air supply, Oxygen is the easiest solution for renovation projects.

"Oxygen is a room by room ventilation system which is combined with a standard extraction pipe to remove the stale and polluted air. The system is discreetly built into our Low-H2O radiator and mounted on an external wall close to a socket to power the ventilation and allow for the air supply. Finally the radiator is connected to the heating system and ventilation plugged in."

Oxygen luchtstroom

Fully automatic operation, manually or centrally controlled

Oxygen bediening

Simple to operate intelligence

The system has built-in sensors to monitor CO2 levels as well as indoor temperature to establish the amount of ventilation needed (version eCAB). Using the clear and simple control panel, the operation can be adjusted to your personal preference.

Central control is possible via the Green Wire system (Building Management System). This links all of the connected components with each other, ensuring flawless communication and control of heating, cooling and ventilation. This keeps air quality, relative humidity and temperature in the various rooms at the desired level.

Efficient demand-controlled system ensures lowest power consumption

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The most economical demand-controlled ventilationsystem

A Dutch study of energy consumption revealed that Jaga Oxygen is the most efficient demand-controlled ventilation system in the world. The study shows that Oxygen ensures a very good air quality with the least ventilation loss and the lowest possible power consumption. The results indicate that owing to its efficient demand-controlled system, Oxygen outperforms ventilation with central heat recovery. The combination of Oxygen with Low-H2O moreover not only ensures efficient and healthy ventilation but also lower heating costs.

Better energy certificates for buildings with Jaga Oxygen

The European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) aims to encourage better energy performance and indoor climate for buildings in the European Union. The requirements arising out of this, and which are becoming stricter every year, are designed to help Member States to reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In the Netherlands, the best energy certificates can already be attained by ventilating using Jaga Oxygen. In other countries, including Belgium, an equally favourable certification for Oxygen will take effect imminently.


Luchtstroom Oxygen

Which external grill will you choose?

Diverse standaard buitenroosters

Various standard external grilles

Gecamoufleerd ventileren met het baksteenrooster

Have your ventilation camouflaged with the brick grille

Onzichtbaar ventileren via het venstertablet met Movair+

Invisible ventilation through the window seat with Movair+


Low-H2O radiators: Minimum installation dimensions



Nominal flow rate: 40m3/h(*) with an acoustic power or LwA value of 23 dB(A) and an absorbed power of 2W

*the capacity is based on an average bedroom of 12m2

Max. Capacity:
200 m3/h

H: 36 cm
L: 52 cm
W: 9.8cm
(L: eCab included)


Nominal flow rate: 100m3/h(*) with an acoustic power or LwA value of 32,5 dB(A) and an absorbed power of 11W

*The capacity is based on an average bedroom of 30m2

Max. Capacity:
200 m3/h

H: 36 cm
L: 67 cm
W: 12.3cm



Minimum Height:
Type 10/15/20: from H 50 cm
Type 11/16/21: from H 65 cm

Minimum length (for all types):
From L 80 cm voor OXRE.015
From L 90 cm for OXRE.020

Type 6 is not appropriate. Type 10 and 11 are only suited for OXRE.015.

Technische tekening inbouw in Strada



MMinimum Height:
Type 10/15/20: from H 50 cm
Type 11/16/21: from H 65 cm

inimum length (for all types):
From L 80 cm for OXRE.015
From L 90 cm for OXRE.020

Type 10 and 11 are only suited for OXRE.015.

Technische tekening inbouw in Tempo



Minimum Height:
Type 10/15/20: from H 59 cm
Type 11/16/21: from H 74 cm

Minimum length (for all types):
From L 83 cm for OXRE.015
and OXRE.020

Type 10 and 11 are only suited for OXRE.015.

Technische tekening inbouw in Maxi

Jaga ventilation solutions for non-residential buildings

"The Jaga Oxygen utility solutions are designed for areas with high occupancy. These systems have a generous ventilation flow, essential for classrooms, care institutions and offices. These common spaces are often a source of headaches, loss of concentration, allergic reactions, or throat irritations, often caused by a poor indoor air quality because it is poorly or incorrectly ventilated. With the Jaga Oxygen system, these problems become history. Oxygen uses displacement ventilation in an advanced manner, without either draughts or harmful substances gaining access from outside. It is a revolutionary solution for the perfect indoor climate."

Oxygen in the Schiphol sound insulation project

Schiphol, one of the largest airports in Europe, creates a lot of noise nuisance for its neighbours. Within the sound insulation project (GIS) various soundproofing measures have been taken, including the installation of the Jaga Oxygen ventilation system. Due to its extraordinary acoustic construction, Oxygen ensures the best possible attenuation of all external sounds. As a result, residents can again enjoy a comfortable indoor climate without nuisance from air traffic.



the perfect indoor atmosphere everywhere, all the time



measures the air quality and cuts in itself when needed



siscreetly built in to your Low-H2O



Draught free and quiet



no central supply ducts to get dirty but instead direct admission of air to each room


Money saving

controlled by room, no unnecessary ventilation



simple operation by room or centrally controlled for the entire zone or building

Gratis nachtkoeling

Free night time cooling

With the boost function, plenty of cool outside air is brought in in the evening.

Gemakkelijk en snel geïnstalleerd

Easy to install

met individuele bediening of centraal gestuurd via Greenwire