Set 164

Technical information

  • 3/4" Eurocone male thread
  • One pipe and two pipe
  • connection to the floor
  • Integrated automatic flow limiter, independent of the differential pressure
  • Easy and quick flow sizing without complicated calculations
  • Continuously balancing TRV between 1 (10 l/h) and 15 (150 l/h)
  • 2 integrated lockshields and lockable by-pass.
  • Keymark certification
  • Tested to DIN EN 215
  • With screw thread M30 x 1.5
  • With synthetic spindle protection for setting on site


Suitable for:

  • Horizontal solutions*
  • freestanding solutions*
  • wandinbouw
  • *Except for: Mini height 8 and Mini with fixed feet height 6.5 cm

Price list

Jaga Heimeier Eclipse valve - Automatic flow limiter

The Heimeier Eclipse valve controls the maximum flow independent of pressure differences and guarantees a perfectly balanced system. The flow rate is set directly on the valve, you do not have to make a pipe network calculation to theoretically determine the pressure losses on the valves. By turning the control knob you can change the setting quickly and with ease.


order code

Valve, control and sleeve couplings are included in the price.

COLO.HESF.JW.4 ... White JW
COLO.HESF.JH.4 ... White JH
COLO.HESF.AC.4 ... Chrome AC
COLO.HESF.AW.4 ... White AW
COLO.HESF.JC.4 ... Silver JC
Fill in sleeve coupling codes.

Sleeve couplings 3/4" Eurocone

Complete ordering code connection set with code sleeve couplings according to the used material and ø of the tube

Precision metal tube
Code Tube Ø
112 12/1
114 14/1
115 15/1
116 16/1
118 18/1
Synthetic or RPE/ALU tube
Code Tube Ø   Code Tube Ø
612 12/2   615 15/2.5
614 14/2   619 16/1.5
616 16/2   620 20/2
617 17/2
618 18/2

Max. Tightening Torque
Precision metal tube: soft copper 45-55 Nm, semi-hard copper 60-80 Nm, mild steel 60-70 Nm
Synthetic: 30-40 Nm
RPE/ALU: 20-30 Nm





Manual Heimeier Eclipse valve