Facts & Figures

Project Aardman Animations
Country UKBristol, United Kingdom
Architect Alec French Architects
Engineer MLDE Mark Lovell Design Engineers
Offices 5 000 m2
Completed 2010
Jaga Products Mini Canal



Aardman Animations is known for films made using stop-motion clay animation technqiues, particularly those featuring the British characters Wallace and Gromit.
Aardman Animations have recently moved in to their new studio headquarters in Bristol, where Jaga has supplied trench heating throughout the building. Any building – however innovative its layout and design may be – is only as good as the electrical and mechanical infrastructure that is fitted throughout.
For Aardman’s office, Alec French Architects turned to Jaga to supply unobtrusive and efficient heating. Jaga’s Mini Canal trench heating was chosen for the project due to its excellent value, efficient performance and space-saving benefits.
To give the Aardman team localised control over the temperature in each area of the building, the output of Jaga’s trench heating can be adjusted by a wall-mounted thermostat found in every section. The internal elements of the Mini Canal have been made ‘invisible’, using lacquered dark grey components. The only eye-catching element left, is the grille which can be perfectly tailored to match the floor.


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