Facts & Figures

Project BC Hydro - operations facility Maple Ridge
Country CanadaVancouver, Canada
Architect Omicron
Installer Ridgeway Mechanical
Offices 2 090 m2
Completed 2013
Jaga Products 7 Knockonwood Freestanding
5 Installation in a wall recess
Award LEED Gold certified LEED Gold



Located in the suburbs of Vancouver, British Columbia, the newly constructed BC Hydro facility-Maple Ridge is one of 31 hydroelectric stations supporting more than 95% of the power for 1.9 million customers. Energy efficiency is key and has been a primary focus for the new substation, which is used as a base for service workers in the area.
To develop the heating and cooling system, engineers needed a solution that was powerful, dynamic and helped maximise the energy efficiency of its condensing boilers. They also wanted something that matched the organic and natural feel of the building’s design. To heat the space in common areas, seven Built-in wall units were discreetly installed in the walls leading up to exterior-facing windows. Unlike forced air systems, Jaga’s Built-in units eliminate the need for interior ductwork and save space between floors or walls.
In offices and meeting rooms, five of Jaga’s Knockonwood Freestanding units with Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology were installed alongside exterior walls. The first convector made of wood, the Knockonwood, helps extend the gorgeous surrounding wooded terrain indoors. The DBE maximizes the power of the convector, providing a viable alternative to expensive and less responsive in-floor heating systems. While the DBE units maintain rapid, effective and accurate room comfort conditions, they can also supply a quick boost of heat, a critical feature for cool BC winters.


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