Facts & Figures

Project Chopin Center
Country PolenWarsaw, Poland
Architect Stelmach + Partners Architects
Engineer Pol-Con
Main contractor Polimex-Mostostal Warsaw, Poland
Offices 2 796 m2
Completed 2010
Jaga Products 200 Clima Canal



In central Warsaw stands The Chopin Center – home of the Fryderyk Chopin National Institute’s offices, archives, a small concert hall, café and shop. The city of Warsaw was chosen because this city is most associated with the life and works of this composer and virtuoso pianist of the Romantic era.
A prominent feature of the structure is the heat-sapping glass facades, which placed great importance on how the building could be efficiently heated. 200 of Jaga’s three-in-one Clima Canal trench heaters were used throughout every main section of the building to provide an unobtrusive heating, cooling and ventilation solution.
Jaga’s innovative Low-H20 technology provides superior heat output while reducing carbon emissions by 10-15% compared to standard steel panel radiators. Using the latest EC motors enables Clima Canals to consume up to 50% less energy than traditional motors.
Featuring architectural convenience to accompany its sophisticated technology, the Clima Canal can be discreetly planted into the walls or floors at depths between 8,5 and 13 cm. Subtlety is enhanced further still by a range of grille finishes and a noise level less than 29dB(A) – at medium speed – while functioning.


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