Coventry University

Facts & Figures

Project Coventry University
Country UKCoventry, United Kingdom
Architect Couch Perry & Wilkes
Engineer Royal Aeronautical Society &
the Institute of Mechanical Engineers
Main Contractor BAM
University Building
Completed 2009
Jaga Products Mini Canal
Mini Freestanding DBE
Tempo LST
Award BREEAM ExcellentBREEAM Excellent



The HDTI building, designed by the prestigious firm of Couch Perry & Wilkes, stands at the forefront of innovative thinking and design as it leads the way in a nationwide initiative to help inventors develop new products.

The eco-friendly design and energy-saving performance of each Jaga product was paramount to the success of the project, as sustainability is a top priority for Coventry University.

Coventry is in the world top 4% of Higher Education Institutions. The Sunday Times university league table even ranked Coventry University Modern University of the Year 2015.

The lobby areas feature the Mini Canal with chic stainless steel grilles positioned under full height windows, which give a feeling of space and openness to be enjoyed by the occupants. Dealing with cold air flows requires a specialist trench heating system to provide ample heat circulating around the room to counteract the cooler draft from the windows.

The Jaga Mini Freestanding heaters are found in the congregation areas where the increase in open square footage meant there was a need for a larger heat output. The offices and boardrooms have made use of Jaga’s Tempo Low Surface Temperature (LST).


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