Facts & Figures

Project De Kimpel Bilzen
Country BelgiëBilzen, Belgium
Architect ADEM Architects
Engineer Stubeco, Thijco, JC Engineering
Main contractor Bouwbedrijf Driesen
Offices 1 800 m2
Completed 2015
Jaga Products Micro Canal





In addition to the conventional information you expect form a library, the new “De Kimpel” library in Bilzen also has much to offer in terms of digital media and technologies. This ultramodern library measuring no less than 1,600 m² has a bold functional interpretation that other libraries should strive for. You can experience music, films and books like nowhere else.
The Micro Canal, with its height of just 6 cm and width of 13 cm, gives maximum power to this minimalist floor installation solution thanks to the latest EC motors. In addition, these motors ensure reduced energy consumption of up to 50%.