Facts & Figures

Project DomAquarée
Country DuitslandBerlin, Germany
Architect NPS Tschoban + Voss
Engineer Kühn Bauer und Partner Beratende Ingenieure GmbH
Main contractor Imtech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Hauptniederlassung Berlin
Offices 71 428 m2
Completed 2005
Jaga Products 5 000 m Mini Canal
490 Clima Canal
Award DGNB Silver certified MINI DGNB Silver



Since opening in 2004, the DomAquarée in Berlin has become an international meeting point with companies, hotels and offices flocking to relocate to the area. With 71,428 m2 of mixed-use space, the project is DGNB Silver certified and features two different Jaga heating solutions.
The Mini Canal is a super conductive heater that quickly responds to changes in temperature, ensuring that the entire building is heated efficiently. It offers a customised solution to spaces and can even be installed in corners and in different depths throughout multi-storey levels. A fast Low-H20 heat exchanger works to cut C02 emissions and provides the ideal climate, with a low energy consumption. Their moderate impact on the environment continues even after their working lives.
The fact that a Jaga Low-H20 radiator is lighter and smaller than traditional radiators at the same power, means not as much raw material is needed for production.
The Clima Canal is super compact and silent. It acts as both a powerful heater, ventilation and cooling unit all-in-one. This high-tech heat exchanger with its thermal activator is developed to deliver maximum output at an inaudible sound level.