Facts & Figures

Project Eastgate Offices
Country CanadaEdmonton, Canada
Architect  Manasc Isaac
Engineer Williams Engineering
Main contractor Clark Builders
Offices 77 000 m2
Completed 2013
Jaga Products 8 Mini Freestanding
268 Linea Plus
Award LEED Gold certified LEED Gold



In the cold climates of northern Alberta, forecasters at the Environment Canada building keep a continuous eye on the weather using a complex electronic system. In developing their new facility, the energy-intensive operation posed a unique challenge for architects and engineers, which was required to maintain LEED Gold standards for the federal government’s Public Works requirements.
To maximize energy savings from its high-efficiency condensing boilers, engineers lined the entire perimeter of the building with Jaga’s Low-H2O products. A total of 276 Jaga Linea Plus and Mini Freestanding units were spread along the windows of three floors to heat the space. Remaining cool to the touch, these powerful units forced cold air away from the window so desks could be placed right alongside them, keeping occupants comfortable. One of the unique features of the Jaga system is its low temperature. This allows the condensing boiler to operate as it was designed and achieve maximum efficiency even on the coldest days.
In order for this to achieve the LEED rating, the convectors’ return temperatures would need to be under 48°C, so the Jaga products were one of the only solutions that could meet that requirement.