Facts & Figures

Country DenemarkenBallerup, Denmark
Architect Henning Larsen Architects
Engineer Hansen & Carlsen & FaØlund
Main contractor DAHL Enterprise A/S
Offices 4000 m2
Completed 2011
Jaga Products 174 m Mini Canal
2 Micro Canal
26 Mini
19 Built-in



With annual energy consumption of just 47,7kwH/m², the Energinet Denmark office complex in Ballerup has achieved the lowest European energy class possible. With eco-efficiency influencing every element of the design process, Jaga radiators were specified to provide powerful heating throughout the building. Each solution features Jaga’s acclaimed Low-H20 technology, meaning they emit 10% less carbon than steel panel radiators and use 90% less water. With steep glass facades being a prominent feature of the architecture, the potential for significant heat loss had to be addressed in order to attain such high levels of efficiency.
Jaga Mini Canal and Canal Plus trench heaters were installed to provide a wall of heat in front of the large windows. In the expansive atrium, Mini wall-mounted radiators were installed upside-down to counter the cold air flow from the skylights. With no stone left unturned in providing comfortable temperatures for its occupants, two Micro Canal radiators were installed vertically in the kick spaces of the reception desk to negate draught.