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  • Lex 2000 - European Council Of Ministers

Facts & Figures

Project Lex 2000 - Europese Raad Van Ministers Brussel
Country BelgiëBrussel, Belgium
Architect Jaspers-Eyers Architects
Engineer Coppée-Courtoy NV, Zllyps/Waterman TCA, TPF-Géocal NV
Main contractor Interbuild
Offices 56 619 m2
Completed 2008
Jaga Products Mini Canal





In the heart of Brussels’ European Quarter, you can find the Lex building covering an impressive 56,619 m2. In this project, much attention was given to natural lighting, which made our Jaga Mini Canal with its minimum installation height of 9 cm the ideal solution. In addition, the super-fast Jaga heat exchanger is located under the grille, which was painted entirely in “invisible” dark grey.