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Facts & Figures

Project Liverpool John Moores University
Country UKLiverpool, United Kingdom
Architect Rick Mather
Engineer Ramboll
Surface 11 000 m2
Completed 2010
Jaga Products Mini Canal



The new Art & Design Academy at Liverpool John Moores University opened in January 2010, after an investment of £24 million, to construct a striking contemporary structure for the faculty’s staff and students.
The building’s serpentine form, with its long bends and curves, required a trench heating system to be fitted adjacent to the glazed areas of the building.
As the only company to supply curved trench heating, Jaga was the first choice to deliver efficient perimeter and wall-mounted heating for the Art & Design Academy.
Jaga’s Mini Canal heat emitter was chosen to sit below the glazed areas, the gentle curves of this trench heating system perfectly complementing the rolling forms of architect Rick Mather’s design. The Mini Canal features Jaga’s own Low-H2O heat element that uses 90% less water and significantly less mass than conventional heat exchangers or underfloor heating.
The resultant efficiency improvement helps reduce fuel costs, as less hot water is needed to produce the required heat output. Low-H2O heat exchangers also work efficiently with low flow temperature systems, such as heat pumps.


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