Onalti Dokuz

Facts & Figures

Project Onalti Dokuz
Country TurkijeIstanbul, Turkey
Architect Kreatif Architect
Engineer Astay Gayrimenkul
Main Contractor Astay Gayrimenkul
Offices 154 203 m2
Completed 2012
Jaga Products 95 Micro Canal



The city of Istanbul offers numerous points of view from which the beauty of the city can be viewed, but the location of Onaltı Dokuz Istanbul offers a new perspective with breathtaking panoramic views. From OnaltıDokuz Istanbul, the city surrounds you in all its magnificence.

The Onaltı Dokuz project is located on a 30-acre stretch of land, 200 meters away from the sea and includes spectacular views of Istanbul. This project consists of 3 blocks of 36, 32 and 27 floors and 496 apartments.

With its special designed landscaping, Onaltı Dokuz Istanbul harmonizes with nature more than any other location in the city. Green and blue, Istanbul and nature meet at Onaltı Dokuz Istanbul.

Within this project Micro Canal was chosen. Maximum warmth, minimum dimensions and minimum energy consumption. This floor recessed element is only 6 cm high and 13 cm wide with small, but powerful, Low-H2O heat exchangers and quiet fans that are hardly bigger than the diameter of a radiator thermostat. This creates extremely high power.


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