Facts & Figures

Project Panavia residences
Country TurkijeIstanbul, Turkey
Architect Koray Yavuzer Serdar Siâhioglu
Engineer Ideal engineering LTD STI
Main contractor Panaroma Group
Living area 7 500 m2
Completed 2014
Jaga Products 390 Micro Canal
110 Strada



The Panavia residences in Istanbul comprise of 60 private apartments located on the spectacular Bosporus strait. Jaga’s discreet, high-output radiators were specified to effectively heat the complex without disrupting the luxurious design.
Two Jaga products were chosen: the Strada radiator for the walls, and the Micro Canal for in front of the sliding glass doors. Identified by the architects as a more efficient alternative to under-floor heating, the Jaga Micro Canal’s high-output is ideal for combating heat loss through glazed facades – 2 meters of Micro Canal embedded 62mm into the floor can produce an output of 1950W*. The units are installed at depths of 60mm to 80mm, making them the shallowest trench heaters available and the perfect solution for maximizing floor space.
The contemporary Strada wall-mounted radiator is elegantly slim and very safe, with its cool-to-touch front panel preventing the potential for burns. Equipped with Jaga’s Low-H2O heating element, the system reduces carbon emissions by 10-15% when compared to standard steel panel radiators. This energy efficiency can be enhanced with the optional Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology, which improves airflow, boosts heat output and allows the radiator to work with low water temperature heating systems such as heat pumps..


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