AZ Groeninge

Facts & Figures

Project AZ Groeninge Kortrijk
Country BelgiëKortrijk, Belgium
Architect Osar Architects B.V. NV
Engineer Ingenium
Main Contractor Jan de Nul, CEI De Meyer
Offices 80 000 m2
Completed Different phases
Jaga Products 2000 Heat exchangers on wall fixings (casing is custom made in Italy)



Hospital AZ Groeninge in Kortrijk provides expert and also warm care to patients thanks to no less than 2,000 Jaga heat exchangers. This progressive hospital with an area of 80,000 m2 contributes to the sustainable development of health care with its continuous innovations.

Our Low-H2O heat exchangers are much lighter and contain much less water than other radiators or underfloor heating. With their small size, they transmit heat directly to the room, allowing patients to enjoy comfortable heating directly. In addition, our heat exchangers are made of aluminium and copper, allowing them to respond to heat demand many times faster. Our heat exchangers also do not continue to heat unnecessarily when the optimal indoor temperature has been reached. In this way, they ensure greater comfort with lower energy consumption!


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