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Cultural Centre Hasselt

Facts & Figures

Project Cultural Centre Hasselt
Country BelgiëHasselt, Belgium
Architect Jaspers-Eyers
Engineer EuroStation
Main Contractor Democo - Kumpen
Completed 2018
Jaga Products Vertiga Primo





The Hasselt cultural centre (CCHA) is a dynamic meeting space between artists and the public for words, music, dance and images. To provide visitors to the cultural centre with a comfortable indoor climate, we selected our vertical Vertiga Primo radiator.

The Jaga Vertiga Primo is a completely new type of low water temperature radiator that combines power, economy and design. To heat the large rooms of the cultural centre sufficiently, the Vertiga proved to be highly suitable with its two dynamic heat exchangers with lateral airflow. In addition, the Vertiga was tailor-made to fill every niche perfectly. A powerful and stylish solution!



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