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Kanaalproject Wijnegem

Facts & Figures

Project Kanaalproject Wijnegem
Country BelgiëWijnegem, Belgium
Architect Bogdan & Van Broeck, Stéphane Beel, Coussée & Goris Architecten
Engineer Herelixka
Main Contractor Idetex nv
Surface 1.400 m2
Completed 2015
Jaga Products Mini Canal





In the Kanaal project, the uniqueness of the industrial heritage was a priority which was therefore also protected and further accentuated. Thanks to the location of the buildings, “village squares” are created, each with its own atmosphere.

Our Jaga Mini Canal floor installation solution was selected for this project due to its compact installation height that starts from 9 cm. Mini Canal proved to be ideal because this appliance does not disturb the outside view due to the large window surfaces. In addition, the super-fast Jaga heat exchanger is located under the grille, which was painted entirely in “invisible” dark grey.



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