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Dynamic Boost Effect - DBE

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The smallest radiator for low temperatures

Dynamic Boost Effect is a heat activator that has been developed especially for Jaga Low-H2O radiators to increase the capacity with minimal over-dimensioning and negligible energy consumption. Heat pumps and solar energy systems require considerably larger radiators, since they operate with very low water temperatures. Low-H2O radiators however do not have to be increased in size, since with the Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE), they provide two to three times more output. DBE brings you the benefits of new environmentally friendly systems without sacrificing aesthetics! So you are well prepared for the future!

Vergelijking Strada DBE met traditionele radiator

Icoon automatische werking

Automatic operation

An ingenious and convenient system. A microprocessor measures and continuously processes the room temperature and the water temperature. It even recognizes the transition from the night to day programme. You also have heat whenever it is needed, fully automatic. When you press the boost button the DBE will provide maximum heat emission for approx. 15 minutes. This means that an unheated room can be heated up in no time at all.

Hoge afgifte en compacte kracht

Icoon verwaarloosbaar elektriciteitsverbruik

Verwaarloosbaar elektriciteitsverbruik

Negligible electricity consumption

Less than 1 Euro a year. (based on 4 cycles of 15 minutes a day). The DBE system is not a ventilo, and certainly not an elektrical radiator! Support from the DBE activators is only needed to boost heat output when necessary. In operation, the electricity consumption is no more than 7 watts/metre. The annual consumption is negligible and is more than compensated by the energy efficiency of the Low-H2O technology in the radiator.

Icoon praktisch onhoorbaar

Practically inaudible

DBE should be selected according to the power in comfort mode, as stated in the price and output table. The transition between standby (inactive) and comfort is managed automatically depending on the measured temperature and settings. In comfort mode, the noise level is below 29 dB (A) per unit. That is barely audible! In boost mode, the sound is still lower than 35 dB (A).

Praktisch onhoorbaar

Icoon statisch en dynamisch

Het beste van 2 werelden: statisch en dynamisch

The best of both worlds: Static and dynamic

Over the years, various independent agencies in different countries have shown that the Low-H2O radiator achieves the highest emission performance. Low-H2O radiators heat up quicker, are more economical and more environmentally friendly. This due to lower inertia and better heat emission. Supplemented with DBE's intelligence you automatically receive the radiator of the future!

Icoon maximale E-peil reductie

Maximal E-level reduction

The EPB software provides detailed calculations for radiators so that the correct water temperatures and loss surfaces can be entered instead of the default numbers. Quite often, the small loss surface the Jaga DBE radiator being at the same low water temperatures, such as underfloor heating, can lead to an additional two e-level points. DBE is compact and hardly needs to be oversized in comparison with a conventional radiator. It can make all the difference in achieving the current mandatory standard for new construction and major renovation (E50)!

Maximale E-peil reductie

Icoon Hoogste E-peil reductie

Highest E-level reduction

Icoon Laagste energieverbruik / CO<sub>2</sub>-uitstoot

The lowest energy consumption / co2-emissions

Icoon Tot 3X meer warmte

3 times more heat

Icoon De kleinste radiator voor lage watertemperaturen

The smallest radiator for low temperatures

Icoon Werkt met dezelfde watertemperaturen als vloerverwarming

Works with the same water temperature as underfloor heating

Icoon Werkt statisch én dynamisch

Static and dynamic function

Icoon Volledig automatische werking

Completely automatic function

Icoon Ecodesign met 30 jaar garantie

Ecodesign with 30 year garantuee

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